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1995 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Bob Squires, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Dec.17.1995 Boston, MA WZLX Radio StudioLive music performed + interviewRecorded 
Dec.23.1995 Boston, MA Mama Kin's Recorded 

1996 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Bob Squires, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Jan.25.1996 Boston, MA South Station Recorded 

1998-2000 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Bob Squires, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Feb.14.1998Somerville, MAJohnny D's   
Apr.25.1998 Somerville, MA Johnny D's Recorded 
May.8.1999Somerville, MA Johnny D's   
Jan.23.1999Templeton, MAKillions  
Feb.6.1999Malden, MATown Line  
Feb.12.1999Danvers, MADanversport Yacht ClubDanvers Family Festival fund raiser  
Feb.13.1999Salem, MAScuttlebutts  
Feb.19.1999Bethel, MESunday River Ski Resort   
Feb.20.1999Bethel, MESunday River Ski Resort   
Mar.6.1999Webster, MAPoint Breeze  
Mar.13.1999Somerville, MAJohnny D's  
Apr.3.1999Malden, MATown Line  
Jul.15.2000Somerville, MA Johnny D's   

2001-2003 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Bob Squires, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Jan.19.2001Somerville, MA Johnny D's   
Jan.20.2001Somerville, MA Johnny D's   
Jul.14.2001 Boston, MA The Hatch ShellOpening for the MonkeesRecorded 
Oct.6.2001Manchester, NHThe Palace Theatre   
Nov.24.2001Somerville, MA Johnny D's   
Dec.7.2001Nashua NHSharp Shooters  
Dec.8.2001Worcester MAPlantation  
Dec.14.2001Webster, MAPoint Breeze  
Jan.5.2002Worcester, MAPlantation  
Jan.12.2002Portsmouth, NHThe Music HallBenefit Show  
Jan.18.2002Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Jan.19.2002Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Jan.25.2002Leominster, MAItalian American Center  
Jan.26.2002Methuen, MATenney Grammer School  
Feb.1.2002Quincy, MABad  
Feb.2.2002Dedham, MAMosely's on The Charles  
Feb.8.2002Allston, MAHarpers Ferry  
Aug.23.2002Webster, MAPoint Breeze  
Aug.24.2002Gloucester, MAGloucester House  
Aug.30.2002Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Aug.31.2002Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Sept.6.2002Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Sept.7.2002Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Sept.20.2002Laconia, NH    
Sept.21.2002Athol MAAthol Town Hall  
Sept.22.2002Quincy, MABad Abbots (Outside) Outside Festival  
Sept.27.2002Loeminister, MAClub  
Sept.28.2002Dedham, MAMoseleys On The Charles  
Oct.5.2002Manchester, NHThe Palace TheatreRecorded 
Oct.7.2002Topsfield, MATopsfield  
Oct.8.2002Topsfield, MATopsfield  
Oct.11.2002Allston, MAHarpers  
Oct.12.2002Worcester, MAPlantation  
Oct.25.2002Arlingtion, MARegent  
Oct.26.2002Salem, MABaybridge  
Dec.13.2002Allston, MAHarpers LAST SHOW OF 2002  
Jan.11.2003Porstmouth, NHThe Music HallBenefit for SASS' Children's Education and Prevention Programs  
Jan.24.2003Dedham, MAMoseley's on the  
Jan.25.2003Methuan, MATenney Middle/Grammer ShcoolSchlorship Fundraiser  

2003-2004 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Pete Distefano, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Nov.7.2003 Danvers, MA Sheraton Ferncroft Recorded 
Nov.27.2003 Sommerville, MAJohnny D's Recorded 
2004Peabody, MAPeabody City Hallbenefit for Roger Trask Adult Day Health Center  
Jan.10.2004Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Jan.17.2004Portsmouth, NHThe Music HallBenefit for SASS' Children's Education and Prevention Program  
Jan.23.2004Somerville, MAJohnny D'swww.johnnydsuptown.comRecorded 
Jan.31.2004Methun, MATenney Grammer School  
Feb.7.2004Salem, MABaybridge  
Feb.13.2004Salem, NHSalem High School  
Feb.20.2004Arlington, MARegent  
Feb.28.2004Dedham, MAMoseley's on the  
Mar.5.2004Danvers, MADanvers Family Festival  
Mar.6.2004 Plaistow, NH Timberlane Performing Arts Center Recorded 
Mar.12.2004Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Mar.13.2004Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Mar.19.2004Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Mar.20.2004Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Mar.27.2004Woburn, MASons of Italy HallSchool Fundraiser  
Apr.2.2004Webster, MAPoint  
Apr.16.2004Quincy, MABad  

2004-2005 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Dave Mitchell, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Dec.10.2004 Plaistow, NH Timberlane Performing Arts Centerwww.timberlanepac.orgRecorded 
Dec.11.2004Allston, MAHarpers  
Dec.17.2004 WROR FM You Must Win Tickets  
Jan.14.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Jan.15.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Jan.22.2005Portsmouth, NHPorstmouth Music HallBenefit for SASS' Children's Education and Prevention Program  
Jan.28.2005Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Jan.29.2005Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Feb.4.2004Danvers, MATequila's Bar and  
Feb.5.2005Methun, MATenny Grammer School  
Feb.12.2005Dedham, MAMoseley's on the  
Feb.13.2005Manchester, NHThe Center of New Hampshire - Radisson HotelHockey Fundraider  
Feb.18.2005Allston, MAHarpers  
Feb.25.2005Salem, NHSalem High School  
Feb.26.2005Arlington, MARegent  
Mar.4.2005Woburn, MASons of ItalyFundraiser for St. Charles School  
Mar.13.2005Portsmouth, NHThe Music HallSASS Benefit  
Mar.18.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Mar.19.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Mar.25.2005Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Mar.26.2005Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Apr.1.2005Allston, MAHarpers  
Apr.8.2005Danvers, MATequila'  

2005-2006 shows

Lineup: Brad Delp, Steve Baker, Dave Mitchell, Joe Holaday, John "Muzz" Muzzy

Date City Venue Comments
Jul.31.2005Newburyport, MAYankee Homecoming   
Aug.5.2005Allston, MAHarpers  
Aug.13.2005Webster, MAPoint Breeze  
Aug.26.2005Boston, MABoston Harbor Cruise (starts at Long Wharf)  
Sept.10.2005Arlington, MARegent  
Sept.16.2005 Private event   
Sept.17.2005Newburyport, MAFundraiser  
Sept.23.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Sept.24.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Sept.30.2005Maynard, MASit-n-Bull  
Oct.1.2005Manchester, NHPalace  
Nov.12.2005Dedham, MAMoseleys on the  
Nov.19.2005Webster, MA Point Breeze   
Nov.25.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Nov.26.2005Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Dec.2.2005Allston, MAHarpers  
Dec.16.2005Arlington, MARegent  
Dec.31.2005Boston, MAPark Plaza BallroomNew Years Eve Party  
Feb.3.2006Salem, NHSalem High SchoolAll proceeds benefit the SHS music program  
Feb.18.2006Portsmouth, NHPortsmouth Music (SASS Benefit)  
Mar.4.2006Keene, NH   
Mar.10.2006Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Mar.11.2006Somerville, MAJohnny D'  
Mar.17.2006Dedham, MAMoseleys on the  
Mar.18.2006Webster, MA Point Breeze   
Mar.24.2006Danvers, MATequilas Bar &  
Mar.25.2006Woburn, MASons of ItalyBenefit for the St. Charles School  
Apr.1.2006Plaistow, NHTimberlane Performing Arts  
Apr.8.2006Brockton, MAShaws CenterBenefit for Easton Youth Baseball  
Apr.29.2006Natick, MANatick Performing Arts  

Total shows in database: 148
Total shows known to be recorded: 11

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